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ed Cuellar agencyNew federal regulations passed through the Affordable Care Act require that all US citizens have health insurance. With new standards in place that do not allow insurers to deny coverage or raise premiums for pre-existing conditions or because of gender, the health care market is in the process of adapting to better support the consumer.

Even with federal regulations in place, there are still numerous factors in choosing health insurance. Are you covering an individual or a whole family? Will you have dental coverage in your plan? Can you set up a tax-exempt health savings account? What will be the cost of monthly premiums? What about the annual deductible?

Personal help from a licensed Insurance Agents can guide you through these decisions while ensuring you have a plan that meets the new minimum standards.

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Indepentent-Ins.-Agent-Logo2_-Demming-Noel_-Insurance-Agency_New-London_-WIWe are a multi-line insurance agency that represents several top rated carriers. We work for you to provide the coverage you need through companies that are financially sound and reputable at a competitive price. Whatever the need, auto, homeowners, renters, dwelling, boat, motorcycle, commercial, health insurance or life insurance, we will shop around for you for the best rate from as many as 20 different carriers. Let us help lower your insurance cost now by calling one of our courteous staff members.

Some facts about the Health Insurance

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The share of Americans with health insurance has been steadily declining since at least 2000. As of 2010 just under 84% of Americans had some form of health insurance, which meant that more than 49 million people went without coverage for at least part of the year.

Health Insurance in San Antonio