Life Insurance is a smart plan to take care of those you love should something happen to you and cause your death.

Particularly if you are the primary income earner for your household, you should consider life coverage to make sure the needs of your family continue being met even in your absence.

Life Insurance is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated policies purchases. Lets face it, some people just don’t like to talk about death.

But consider this. What would happen to your family in the event of your untimely death? Would they have to sell their home or loose it to foreclosure because they could not make the mortgage payments?

How about final expenses, income continuation to pay for basic necessities such as groceries, car payments and insurance? The death of a loved one is very difficult to accept. But it does not have to be a financial hardship as well.

Protect your loved ones with a policy that would allow them to move on with dignity free from financial ruin. Let the Ed Cuellar Insurance Agency help with the right type of policy and death benefit amount. Life Insurance San Antonio

Depending on your loan obligations, either mortgage or personal, you may want to consider Insurance to cover this expense in the event of your death. You certainly don’t want a loved one or co-signer to be saddled with your debt after you are gone.
Term life is purchased for a set amount of time and only covers you through the specific time chosen for the policy. Perhaps you feel you only need this insurance while you are paying your home mortgage or only while your children are still young and living at home. You can set the years of your term based upon such needs.

10 Compelling reasons why to get life Insurance

Whole life, also called permanent insurance, covers you through your lifetime.

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