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Hit and Run Accident Insurance

Hit and run accident insurance is covered under uninsured motorist (UM) bodily injury and property damage coverage on an insurance policy. This coverage is very valuable because a driver’s other type of coverage may not cover the damages or bodily injuries caused by a hit and run or “phantom” driver. … Read More About Hit and Run Accident Insurance-01

What are the top auto insurance companies?

What are the top auto insurance companies – This is a question that frequently is asked. Why is that? The reason is that people shopping for car insurance for themselves want to find a good deal and save money on their policy, but they also want the assurance that … Read More About What is the top auto insurance companies-1

Rising Car Insurance Premiums We all love our automobile as it does many various things for us on a daily basis. The one thing we most likely do without is the automobile insurance premiums that we pay from month to month. Over the years it seems this expense continues to rise. For many people … Read More About Auto Insurance San Antonio-1

Home Insurance a Must Everyone knows that when you buy a home, you are making a very large investment. And going along with the fact that you are making this very large investment that you plan on owning for a long time, then you should take the time to find the right homeowners insurance. Hopefully, … Read More About Home Insurance a Must-1

Homeowners Insurance If you’re living in the state of Texas and looking for the best rates and options for homeowner’s insurance, it’s important to know everything about the company you’ll be doing business with for many years to come. There are several secrets out there that Texas homeowners insurance companies don’t want you to know … Read More About San Antonio Homeowners Insurance-1

Car buying tips that might impact your Insurance cost When buying a used car, be it from a dealership or a private sale, getting the straight facts on the entire history of the car allows the prospective car buyer to see what the car has been through in its relatively short life. When coupled with …

Car Ownership and its costs Vehicles are certainly up there in terms of expenses. In fact, if you compare owning a vehicle to anything else you buy it will by far give you the least return for your investment. Unfortunately in this day and age where most people need to drive to work, school and …

Inexpensive Car Insurance for San Antonio Cheap auto insurance does not have to be a myth or fable. It is possible to lower the costs of your car insurance policy if you know about the five tips that will help. 1. Look for free online auto insurance quotes, so that you can compare rates between … Read More About Cheap Auto Insurance-1

When To Choose A New Auto Insurance Provider It’s not uncommon to hear about vehicle owners being misled and ripped off by their car insurance provider. They offer great deals and perks when you first take out insurance with them, but as you become a long-time customer, the benefits slowly begin to deplete.

Premiums rise for drivers after not-at-fault wrecks, the group finds By Jennifer C. Kerr ASSOCIATED PRESS The Consumer Federation of America found that people with moderate incomes often saw bigger premium increases than upper-income drivers. WASHINGTON — Most drivers don’t expect to be hit with a rate increase on their auto insurance after a car accident

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