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How Hail Storms Can Affect Car Owners In San Antonio

How Hail Storms Can Affect Car Owners In San Antonio According to an insurance group, a recent hailstorm that hit San Antonio and northwestern Bexar County on the 12th of April has produced almost 1.4 billion dollars worth of damage. Hailstones resembling the size of grapefruits came pelting down from the sky and ended up ... Read More About How Hail Storms Can Affect Car Owners In San Antonio

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Auto Insurance For Beginners

Auto Insurance For Beginners By law, when a person is involved in an accident, they are required to pay for the damage caused. Buying automobile liability insurance means the driver who needs to pay the money has a way of doing so. Auto liability insurance covers third party injury and damage only, so the owner ... Read More About Auto Insurance For Beginners

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Should you bundle your policies

Insurance Bundling Yes or No Most insurance providers offer more than one type of insurance. Everything from home insurance to car, motorcycle, life, and boat insurance. In most cases bundling your insurance makes financial sense. After all, every homeowner requires home insurance, while every driver will need to purchase car insurance. One of the best ... Read More About Should you bundle your policies

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Understanding Homeowners Insurance

Why you need Homeowners Insurance Buying home insurance isn't always easy. Homeowners often find the process confusing, with so many different policy types and insurance providers to choose from. Some are tempted by cheap plans while others end up choosing the wrong amount of coverage. There are many common mistakes to avoid when buying home ... Read More About Understanding Homeowners Insurance

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Insurance Terms

What does it all mean, how to read your car insurance policy! Generally, auto insurance policies are written in plain language. However, there is no replacement for some of the terms and it will be helpful to know what they are. Below, you will find some of them. For further information or more detailed explanation ... Read More About Insurance Terms

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San Antonio Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance San Antonio. The Ed Cuellar Agency offers a full range of commercial coverage through several top rated carriers. Whether it’s a Business Owners Policy (BOP), General Liability (GL), Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation or Professional Liability, Ed Cuellar’s can sell and service your insurance needs. Our licensed staff can help business owners determine the ... Read More About San Antonio Commercial Insurance

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