The Auto Insurance Quote – A True Reflection of No-Fault Insurance

The increasing price of auto insurance rates today is a problem affecting all drivers worldwide because of the increasing incidents of lawsuits and fraud. There are tons of system manipulators who are trying to abuse insurance claims. In return, auto insurance companies are trying to protect their businesses by raising their insurance prices, particularly for vehicles.

But despite the amplifying cost of vehicle insurance, there are still some ways to find a car insurance quote that can suit your financial status or budget. The more you know about car insurance, the better you will find a deal that is right for you.


More often than not, insurers always promise their consumers that their auto insurance rates will decrease. Unfortunately, no-fault car insurance is still considered as one of the highest quotes when it comes to car insurance. Aside from that, many abuse and fraud cases are also high.

The Insurance Information Institute released an article stating that no-fault vehicle insurance lets the consumers or the policyholders have financial aid in recovering their loss after an accident, regardless of the person at fault. The no-fault system makes it appear that there is no one should be blamed for the accident at all.

Suppose you are a policyholder of no-fault car insurance. In that case, you will not have enough power to file a suit against the other driver involved, especially concerning injuries caused by the accident. Both parties involved in the no-fault system can often never charge one another for injuries unless the damage is already severe or the cost of treating the physical damage is very expensive. However, there is a standard minimum amount to follow.

The system would not give a discount on the already high amount of your car insurance. it would also not speed up the waiting time for your claims. Studies have shown that this type of insurance is not effective at all.

The cost of court proceedings for the property damage of no-fault insurance is still high. This is due to the other individuals that have the right to file a case against you if ever you damage their property, just like their car.

According to the founder of FTCR or Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, the no-fault car insurance only lived up to the promises of the so-called lower insurance premiums. Little do these consumers know that they could simply get a low insurance premium just by trying to avoid traffic violations, being a law abider, and a cautious driver the whole time.

Several factors can affect the ineffectiveness of no-fault car insurance. The main cause of the accident and the person injured are included and will be paid for all the medical expenses.

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