Owning a car normally means you will need to purchase car insurance very soon after you have purchased the Vehicle. Car Insurance is mandatory in all states of the US. As useful as car insurance is, it can sometimes cost quite a bit. The price of your insurance can depend on several factors; ranging from the model of the vehicle you drive, to where you live. The companies that insure you will charge higher rates if you reside in an area where car accidents are more common, crime rates are higher, and extreme weather frequently causes damage to vehicles.

On average, sedan owners pay more for their insurance than anyone else. SUVs, crossover, and truck owners tend to pay less for their insurance premiums than sedan owners. In fact, studies show that sedan owners spend on average over $100 more for their insurance than those other vehicle owners do for theirs. This lower cost may be because larger vehicles usually have higher safety ratings than the smaller varieties. The model of car that tends to cost the most to insure is predominantly Toyotas.

Insurance prices in Texas vary greatly. It costs individuals in Houston more than anyone else in Texas to insure their vehicles. Out of the nine most popular cars driven, it costs an average of $1,614 per year to insure them. Dallas is the second most expensive city in Texas to insure, with an average of $1,598 per insurance premium. Drivers in the other four Texas cities that are part of the survey sometimes pay up to $200 less than the others. These cities include San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, and El Paso.

According to studies taken from 15 different cities, including locations in California, SUV or crossover owners generally spend less to insure their vehicles than sedan or pickup owners do.

Insurance rates can vary by location

Insurance companies calculate how much you will be charged depending on how likely it is that you will make a claim. Even if your driving is flawless, you can still be charged a higher price if other drivers in the same area as you have accidents often. More on this page

If your vehicle has a higher chance of being stolen because of the area you live in, then the insurance price will rise. Some areas have extremely high rates of theft compared to others, and this will inevitably impact the price of insurance.

If the area where you live has frequent bad weather, such as heavy snow or rainfall, you’ll probably find yourself having to spend more on insuring a sedan. SUVs, crossovers, and pickups fair better in bad weather, so they are less likely to have an accident in dangerous weather.

How you can save money on car insurance

Despite which area you live in, or what make or model car you drive; it can save you a considerable amount of money if you thoroughly shop around for different insurance quotes. Companies vary massively on prices, while usually offering the same amount of coverage. There are a few different insurance comparison sites that you can put your details in, and then compare the prices that you are offered. These sites can be found through the use of search engines. For any questions call Ed’s office at 210-647-7112 in San Antonio
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