by Ralph D. Klonz a policy holder

Encompass Insurance rate increases are getting outrageous. Upon receiving my new bill, I sent them the following response:

Just received my annual car insurance bill. You guys went up again close to 30%. Have you gone mad? Last year you increased your rate already by over $100.00. Our cars are getting older (less valuable), we have no accidents or claims whatsoever, yet you have the gall to hit us with about a 30% increase. Shame on you. We have been insured with you for almost 20 years, but here ends my customer loyalty. You Encompass Insurance are fired. And because I am an internet marketer, I will make sure to blog about my experiences with your company and unreasonable rate increases.



Okay, blog readers. 30% was a bit hyperbolic. It was technically 21%. But rounding up helped fuel the anger. And no wonder! Consider these other numbers: In 2012 we paid an annual premium of $657.00. In 2013 it increased to $721.00. It went up in 2014 to $824.00, and now it’s $996.00. WHY?!

I did a little scouring to see what others had to say about Encompass and came to this site:

Others insured with Encompass are having the same rate hikes:

One post reads:

Encompass Insurance – Huge Rate Increase

I just received my homeowners renewal policy for the next 12 months and the total premium increased by 35% for the very same coverage.This is well beyond what my neighbors are seeing on their policies.

The cost per $1000 of insurance went from $3.90 to $5.10 and I have not had any claims in the past 3 years.

I live in an upscale neighborhood and my home is well maintained.I did had one small claim a number of years ago and it was handled promptly and fairly but I think they are charging too much for their service.

Another post acknowledges the blood-sucking element of Encompass. I’m right there with ‘em in this line of thinking! Their post said:

Encompass Insurance – Vampires, just plain crooks

This summer, they jacked my insurance up by $400 right after a glass-only claim I made.I have a perfect driving record!

I found another company that charged 40% less than Encompass. After I switched, I got a “bill” saying do you have new insurance, if not pay $97. I was in the process of disputing it because I obviously got new insurance right away. Then they sent me to a collections agency six days after the “bill’s” due date!

I’m so angry, I’ve never been treated so bad by an insurance carrier, I’m 38.

I’ve had many insurance companies and this was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. Crooks.

There are plenty more comments where these came from, but this feels like enough to drive home my point.

Encompass Insurance is sticking it to their costumers, but their customers aren’t putting up with it anymore!

If you have a policy with them, speak out. If not, you’ll be driving your too-highly-insured car right over to the poor house.

I understand the need to increase pricing sometimes. Being in business, I have to do it too, but in this particular instance we have (had!) been insured with Encompass for almost 20 years for both our home and car coverage. Where’s our incentive to remain loyal? We have never, in this time, tested their claims service, so I can’t speak to their customer service in this area, but the agency I dealt with in San Angelo always had excellent service.

Familiarity and a nice person on the line stopped being enough.

Upon receiving the new bill from Encompass Insurance, I took to the phone to get in touch with my agent in San Angelo. Unfortunately they could not do much but look for another insurance company to write my policies. So, I tried to get in touch with Encompass Insurance myself. No luck—they referred me back to the agent. In my case, the guys in San Angelo.

It was time to sever ties and move on and let others know so they can make this change even sooner than I did. Many times the consumer is to blame for being too phlegmatic and won’t make changes, satisfied with keeping the status quo. Companies know that. They bank on customers being creatures of habit, not out of true brand loyalty but passivity. You as the consumer need to take the initiative to start the change. These companies are counting on your apathy. You have choices—exercise them!

In my case, one of my internet clients is an Independent Insurance Agent here in San Antonio: Ed Cuellar. I’ve been doing business with him for over a decade. First when I was with the ATT Yellow Pages. Now I run his marketing and website.

They don’t come any better. Ed cares about his clients and is always concerned with finding the best deals for them using a variety of different underwriters to do so. That’s the beauty of it—he selects from over twenty different companies to find the right fit for you and your family. For anything that you need to insure, wether it’s your home, your cars, your business or properties call Ed Cuellar. He has the right policy for your insurance needs. Don’t make the mistake I did in waiting so long!

Ed Cueller has two locations in San Antonio and one in Del Rio to serve you:

6812 Bandera Street, Suite 203 San Antonio, TX 78238 (210) 647-7112


2130 SW Military Dr., Suite 207 San Antonio, TX 78224

(210) 927-1100

1203 E Gibbs Del Rio, TX 78840

(830) 775-5900

Ready? Set… Shop around!

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